Beth Huntley

Charleston’s Secret (Real Estate) Agent


Begin Your AdventureLet's Dance

Well, here you are at the cool kids’ table in the cafeteria, the ones in timeout for talking in class.

Fortunately, school’s out and it’s time to shine.

Being in the ideal home creates the proper frame of mind for you to be your best. Your nest should comfort and inspire you. It’s the place you venture from and return to each day —  in the game of tag called life, it’s base. Are you where you need to be? Or do you need to bust a move? Whether you need to find the right place, or get out of the wrong place, Beth is ready to get things rolling.

For Buyers

Beth purposely takes on only a select 10-12 clients a year. That way she can be truly present and mindful of your distinct needs, desires, and gifts.

For Sellers

Selling. Selling out. Two very dierent enterprises. You hold yourself to a higher standard (making your mama proud by the way) and Beth does too.  You want your home to be highly visible to potential buyers and obtain the best possible offer.

For Developers

Beth and her colleague Kristin Walker have extensive experience in developing multi-unit luxury projects from inception to closing. In addition, Dunes Properties has a 30+ year history of luxury new development sales along the Charleston Coast. Check out what the team can do for you.

Here Are The Facts

Like Liam Neeson, Beth will tell you, “I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.” The difference is, when Beth says it, you haven’t been taken. Instead, she’s about to drop some truth bombs and added value into your real estate equation.

Lifetime Sales

Average DOM

Over $72 Million


Stay In The Know

Musings from Beth

Newsletter – July 2020

Newsletter – July 2020

Summer is here! You can definitely tell summer is here from the change in temperatures, humidity and traffic. While this year is very different from any other I can remember, there is still much to love about Charleston. Whether you have lived here forever or consider...

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Newsletter – March 2020

Newsletter – March 2020

Coronavirus is everywhere it seems and while I don't want to be a broken record, I want to share important news with you how about how coronavirus is impacting the housing market, ways to protect yourself, how you can help and ways to stay sane during your extra hours...

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Newsletter – December 2019

Newsletter – December 2019

The Holidays are Here! The days have gotten shorter and cooler, Thanksgiving is a recent memory and the town is coming to life with lights and decorations to celebrate the season. There are lots of fun events happening around town this year so you are sure to find...

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