To quote Milli Vanilli, “Girl, you know it’s true.” Because she’s not lip syncing and she’s in touch with her zen, Beth purposely takes on only a select 10-12 clients a year. That way she can be truly present and mindful of your distinct needs, desires, and gifts. She’s well aware that you are your own special little snowflake. (Thank goodness because the world couldn’t handle two of you.)



As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), Beth has the qualifications and resources to take care of you on this journey. Going above and beyond, she offers the following:

  • Proprietary in-depth buyer survey — to match your lifestyle with a homestyle
  • A designer’s eye — able to envision if a potential home will fit your style (and stuff)
  • Understanding of construction/remodel costs (including materials and labor) — to save you from buying a money pit
  • Knowledge of sustainability best practices and green products — to keep you aware of factors in a house that affect your health, energy costs, and environmental impact
  • Creative negotiating — to make sure you get what you want, at the best price
  • Assisting with vendors (contractors, movers, utility companies) — for a smooth transition
  • Complimentary design services — so you can not just own your house, you can own it

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