Moving to a new state or city can be daunting when you have kids to place in schools.  I personally only have to worry about where the best doggy daycare is, so I have never needed to plan my life around munchkins. However, as a real estate professional, I have to know the areas and where to send people for good information about various schools. My good buddy Vannessa Carter is a wealth of information and shared a great site with me. You can find the best elementary, middle, and high schools. Search for schools near any address, compare test scores, sort by school rank, class sizes, and more. click here for 

As you search thru the list of schools, you will note that many Charleston schools have 5 stars! Sullivans Island Elementary, five middle and elementary schools in Mt. Pleasant, and Hanahan Middle School, and many are 4-star schools with very high ratings.

I hope this will be helpful while you are deciding on the best fit for your little charges! Happy Summer!