Hey Sports Fans!
Kind of a drag if you are a sports fan right now, right? I happen to love football and usually am part of a pool each season, but this year, I just don’t have my heart in it so I’m taking a break. I would be very curious to know how many fans are dealing with this really unusual set of circumstances?

See you on the sidelines!


Market Update

In real estate news, our “neck-of-the-woods” is crazy with activity right now! With low inventory, low interest rates and the desire to get out of tight-knit housing, people are snapping up places that provide a “refuge” or a “resort” feeling. Urban locations are hurting a little, but the beaches are selling faster than they can be listed. Molly Dargan with the Bank of South Carolina has a great graphic that shows where and how people are spending their dough.

It has flip-flopped in terms of the types of properties that were lagging and those that were hot tickets. It will be interesting to see what our Spring market looks like in 2021. Stay tuned!

Sidewalk Chalk Makes Comeback

With more time at home, sidewalk chalk recently saw an upswing in popularity as children and adults wanted to share happy pictures and positive thoughts with their street, neighborhood and community. Grab your chalk and invite your neighbors and friends to join in as you share kindness from your own yard. Read more about how to connect with others using chalk and a little creativity.
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The Perfect Peach Cobbler

There aren’t many desserts more quintessentially Southern than peach cobbler. Before the peach season wraps up, grab some peaches and make a cobbler to enjoy or share one with a friend. Don’t worry, canned peaches will work too if you need this after peach season ends.Grab the recipe here.
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Treat Your Best Friend Right

Something that many of you know is near and dear to me is my pup, Rosie and my love of animals in general. Several years ago I started paying closer attention to products that are tested on animals and it might surprise you… For some great apps and information, check out these links….There are plenty of companies that do not test on animals that could replace your favorite, pet tested shampoo…
PETA Resources
Vegan Shopping Apps

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Know Your Home is Secure No Matter Where You Are

Have you ever left the home and wondered if you locked the door or stressed about the kids getting in when you aren’t home? Tech-friendly solutions offer increased security and peace of mind from the convenience of your phone or any other device. Learn more about these secure options here.
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