Well, not so secret since you found her.

Welcome to this exclusive club. You are among a cast of characters who don’t settle, play their music loud, work and play hard, and consider every day a chance to make an impact. You live your life on many levels, and require an agent who understands the importance of an inspired setting.

Congratulations. Your password got you into the speakeasy. So grab some giggle water (look it up) Hotsy-Totsy, and let’s all get to know each other better.

The More You Know

Because a One-Trick Pony Never Won the Derby

Throw a rock these days and you’ll hit a realtor. Especially in Charleston where the market is as hot as, well, Charleston. (Been here in August?) The good news is, everyone is so well-mannered here, they probably won’t press charges — and might even admire the cobblestone for potential historic value. The bad news is, you want more than someone with good etiquette, better hair, and a real estate license.

Let’s run through your must-haves, shall we? Proven experience, in-depth expertise, deep connections, shiny awards, insightful local knowledge. Check, check, check, check, and check. Beth and several of the other top realtors in town have those in spades.* Checkmate!

Like Liam Neeson, Beth will tell you, “I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.” The dierence is, when Beth says it, you haven’t been taken. Instead, she’s about to drop some truth bombs and added value into your real estate equation. She’s a boss at the real estate thing, but she’s also packin’ priceless experience in building construction, interior design, and sustainability. We expand on these, and how they benefit you, in the PROPER TEASE section. (You can click your ruby slippers three times and go there now, if the tease is too much for you.)

*Actually, those are most people’s must haves. You demand a bit more, don’t you? As you should. There’s enough ordinary in the world. 

Let’s Take This to a
Higher Level


Sometimes You Want a Know-It-All

Beth is a real estate broker, not just an agent. This means (we had to ask too) that she’s put in many hours of intense, upper-level real estate education that entitles her to own, operate, or be the “Broker-In-Charge” at any oce. In fact, Beth did own a partnership company called Domicile and then started her own LLC brokerage, Huntley Properties, before coming on board with Dunes Properties in 2012.

Run with the Big Dogs

But Always Be Best In Show

When deciding who to align with, Beth sought a real estate company that had thorough knowledge of, and oces in, the most desirable locations in Charleston, South Carolina. As a luxury home consultant serving selective sellers and buyers (recognize yourself?), she also insisted on a boutique feel.

The Dunes Properties website is a powerful search engine with dynamic map-based searches, high-res photography and informative virtual tours — providing rich resources to buyers. As a rule, all Dunes Properties in MLS are shot by professional photographers. And at the end of the day, being a part of Dunes Properties gives Beth access to real-time market data and real estate trends and statistics that help her help you make smarter decisions about property.

Ok, you’re smart, you get it. Dunes Properties is legit. Beth is legit. 

For the Record


Beth’s Rap Sheet. Rated “R” for Righteous.

Beth has racked up some history of which you should be aware. Over the years she has been charged and convicted of the following.

  • Reckless Creativity (SCAD grad)
  • Breaking and Entering and Improving (Interior Designer)
  • Indecent Exposure of Energy Loss (NAR GREEN Designations)
  • Hacking Happiness (e-Pro Designation)
  • Aiding and Abetting (Accredited Buyers Representative)
  • DWI – Dealing With Influence (Realtor of Distinction)
  • Conspiracy to Make Things Happen (Presidents Circle)
  • Identity Theft: “Who Me?” (Dunes Properties Salesperson of the Year)

Time Served

With Points for Good Behavior

When she’s not rocking the real estate world, Beth’s serving on boards, chairing things, leading new initiatives, and patching up the lives of deserving pups.

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