verb \ˈtrend\
1. : to extend in a general direction : <follow a general course>

2. :to show a tendency : incline<prices trending upward>

As a designer, you might think that I follow trends closely to guide clients in a general direction. And follow them closely, I do… but mostly to avoid getting too “locked in” to a current trend that ultimately, and often quickly, is out of style. My advice is to pick a few things about a new trend that you like, things that are small and easily changed like pillows, paint, accessories and incorporate them simply and minimally.

As a realtor, “prices trending upward” is music to my ears! All signs show that the market is going to continue to rise… Interest rates may climb, but the prediction for the year is no more than 4.2-4.3 %, and getting loans may get easier. Yikes! When we realtors hear that trend, we start to shutter and shake after what we all went thru in 2008.

Bottom line… Watch trends for ideas and information, incorporate wisely, but don’t get caught up in what could be just a temporary fad or craze that may not be a solid and timeless investment.

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